April 19, 2023

April 19, 2023



在2018年,新加坡卫生部指出,随着老龄化加剧,到了2030年,看护责任将会加重。由于目前的已婚夫妻计划不生育或是有较少的子女,家庭单位较小,老年赡养率较高,越来越多的年轻成人成为家中年长者的看护者。老龄化研究与教育中心的一项研 究显示新加坡的基本护理理念似乎与亚洲的家庭主 义和孝道有关,而一些年轻看护者则继承了这些价值观。(Wong & Chan, 2020)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Participating is restricted to individuals above 18 years old due to safety reasons.

We strongly advise individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to seek advice from your doctor to determine their suitability for participation. Additionally, participants are required to sign a waiver disclosing any medical conditions, and there will be a safety briefing before the leap to further mitigate the risks.
Regrettably, given the charitable nature of this fundraising event, there will not be any refunds. Your generosity plays a crucial role in contributing to our cause.
SkyPark Sentosa can continue to operate in the rain unless there are high winds and/or lightning. This is being monitored by a specialised device in compliance with Sentosa Island safety precautions.

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