Building Compassionate Communities

Bringing joy and comfort

Nurses involved in community care providing palliative home care share a patient’s experience to highlight the importance of compassion. In the area of palliative home care, the impact of compassionate community work cannot be overstated. As senior enrolled nurses, we are privileged to witness the profound influence we have on

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Building Compassionate Communities

From the ground up

While the impact of grassroots efforts to grow compassionate communities hasn’t been measured, Woodlands Health recognises the importance of collaborating to grow this social change movement. The term ‘compassionate communities’ was described by Dr Allan Kellehear in the mid-2000s as “naturally occurring networks of support in neighbourhoods and communities, surrounding

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A Youthful Example

The comfort of music

Founder Loh Pei Yi reflects on Project Gift of Song’s journey of celebrating life and embracing mortality through building compassionate communities at the intersection of music and terminal illness. “Only 14?” My volunteers and I exchanged small smiles as the Minister for Health Mr Ong Ye Kung tried to guess

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Extraordinary aspiration

Put a paw up for furry comfort

They say dogs are Man’s best friend. So what could be better than being on a journey with your best friend while giving to those in greater need? Onyx and I have been a therapy dog team duo for eight years. For the first two, we volunteered alongside other handlers

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Ask the Experts

Speaking from a position of care

Professor Meera Agar is a practicing palliative medicine physician, with a particular interest in the supportive care needs of people suffering from advanced illness on the brain. This past July, she was a speaker at the 8th Singapore Palliative Care Conference and shared her experience. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED

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Building Compassionate Communities

Building compassionate communities

The increasing adoption of the compassionate community model in palliative care will require a whole-of-society change from the ground up that, ultimately, would mean all could live well and leave well at the end of life. “It takes a village to raise a child” is a proverb with African origin

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Singapore Hospice Council

Leaders Forum – Life and Death Matters

Singapore Hospice Council’s inaugural panel discussion on normalising end-of-life conversations and raising death literacy welcomed by the community. On 8 July, Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) organised the inaugural “Leaders Forum – Life and Death Matters” in conjunction with the 8th Singapore Palliative Care Conference. This event aimed to encourage open,

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St. Joseph's Home

Opening gateways to conversation

The unique preposition of co-locating childcare and eldercare has reaped benefits for all. Aside from providing more opportunities for fun and laughter, what is  the value of having an infant and childcare centre co-located within a nursing home? Is it too absurd to imagine little children as providers of palliative

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Frequently Asked Questions

Participating is restricted to individuals above 18 years old due to safety reasons.

We strongly advise individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to seek advice from your doctor to determine their suitability for participation. Additionally, participants are required to sign a waiver disclosing any medical conditions, and there will be a safety briefing before the leap to further mitigate the risks.
Regrettably, given the charitable nature of this fundraising event, there will not be any refunds. Your generosity plays a crucial role in contributing to our cause.
SkyPark Sentosa can continue to operate in the rain unless there are high winds and/or lightning. This is being monitored by a specialised device in compliance with Sentosa Island safety precautions.

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