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From wellness to wholeness

St Luke’s Hospital launches a Palliative Care Symposium to reinspire compassionate care among individuals, teams and organisations. Participants at the inaugural Palliative Care Symposium organised by St Luke’s Hospital have gained greater insight into how to practise “compassion as a way of life” and were thankful for the “affirmation in

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Community of support

Listening and learning

There is a lesson to be learnt from every patient, and it helps to have an open heart and a patient ear. Palliative care is about adding meaning to patients’ remaining time with us. When we make a positive impact, these are the memories patients reflect on at the end

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Outram Community Hospital



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Assisi Hospice





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A Youthful Example


这是最适合在海边的一天。海边的天气棒极了。海风习习,让两姐妹和生病的父亲觉得很舒服。那一天,他们一起拍照,度过了宝贵的时光, 也留下了最后几张全家福。
这是Sharine 和姐姐照顾父亲期间最难忘的经历。

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A Youthful Example



在2018年,新加坡卫生部指出,随着老龄化加剧,到了2030年,看护责任将会加重。由于目前的已婚夫妻计划不生育或是有较少的子女,家庭单位较小,老年赡养率较高,越来越多的年轻成人成为家中年长者的看护者。老龄化研究与教育中心的一项研 究显示新加坡的基本护理理念似乎与亚洲的家庭主 义和孝道有关,而一些年轻看护者则继承了这些价值观。(Wong & Chan, 2020)

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A Youthful Example


当 28 岁的 林小倩辞去工作照顾61 岁的母亲林丽沙女士时,作为家中的独生女和唯一的经济支柱的她面临了许多挑战。雅西西慈怀病院提供了实际和情感上的支持,帮助减轻她的负担。

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Regardless of age

Death is not the prerogative of the old, and neither is the need for palliative care. It happens to the youngest and the best of us. Singapore’s population is ageing rapidly — one in four will be 65 years and older by 2030. In data published in June 2021 by

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Frequently Asked Questions

Participating is restricted to individuals above 18 years old due to safety reasons.

We strongly advise individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to seek advice from your doctor to determine their suitability for participation. Additionally, participants are required to sign a waiver disclosing any medical conditions, and there will be a safety briefing before the leap to further mitigate the risks.
Regrettably, given the charitable nature of this fundraising event, there will not be any refunds. Your generosity plays a crucial role in contributing to our cause.
SkyPark Sentosa can continue to operate in the rain unless there are high winds and/or lightning. This is being monitored by a specialised device in compliance with Sentosa Island safety precautions.

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