A Youthful Example

Repaying our father’s love

Two young sisters find themselves having to care for their sole parent on his final journey. It was a perfect day to be at the seaside. The weather was great, and the breeze was soothing for the two sisters and their ailing father. That day, they had fun spending quality

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A Youthful Example

Shouldering the burden of love

Young caregivers can be nurtured through living examples and being taught the values of caring for others. In 2018, the Ministry of Health Singapore announced that the caregiving responsibility will grow by 2030 with the rising silver tsunami. There seems to be more young adults taking up the caregiver role

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Keeping spirits up

Keeping spirits up with “Take Care with Peanuts” artwork initiative

As part of the mission of Foundation for Hospital Art (FFHA) to bring joyful art to hospitals around the world, Peanuts Worldwide donated 70 Snoopy and Woodstock murals to hospitals across six continents, including St. Andrew’s Community Hospital (SACH), to commemorate Charles Schultz’s 100th birthday! Susan, SACH palliative care patient

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Ask the Experts

Paving the way for better palliative care

We took the opportunity to interview Dr Marie Bakitas and Dr Chang Won Won about the future of palliative care while they were part of the SPCC-SHC Research Workshop panel held on 27 August 2022. Dr Chang’s colleague in South Korea, Dr Hyeji Kim, also added her thoughts to this

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Continue Training

Growing palliative care

The LCPC-SHC Postgraduate Course in Palliative Medicine having graduated its 40th batch continues to equip doctors with generalist palliative care knowledge and skills. There are no guarantees in life except the certainty that we will die one day. Death Comes as the End, said an Agatha Christie book title, but

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Project Happy Apples

“Dear Life…”

An exhibition by a group of medical students returns to continue conversations with the public about the importance of talking about and planning for the end of life. How do you want to spend your last days? In our Asian society where death is oftentimes taboo to mention, many of

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Singapore Hospice Council

Raising awareness of the palliative care option

On 3 and 5 August 2022, a student-led group named Restful Retreat from Anglo Chinese School (Independent) organised a two-session advocacy programme to raise awareness among youths about the importance of palliative care and end-of-life conversations. At the first session, Singapore Hospice Council’s (SHC) Executive Director, Ms Sim Bee Hia,

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Outram Community Hospital

A taste from the past

Memories come in fanciful flavours for one palliative patient at Outram Community Hospital who reminiscences about old times through the taste of his self-made festive delicacy. “I can’t wait to taste them,” said Mr Tan gleefully. He began to gently place filling in the centre of the mould followed by

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Leaving memories

Giving space and time

An art therapist’s encounter with a patient was able to help him leave with peace of mind. I received an urgent request to see a particular patient, whom I shall call Ah Seng for this story. The doctors were unsure how many more days Ah Seng would have and wanted

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