Community Bereavement Service Providers

As at Apr 2024


Assisi Grief & Bereavement Care
Services are not limited to the next-of-kin of patients formerly cared for by Assisi Hospice but all bereaved persons in the community
WhatsApp Message: 9787 9890 | Email: bereavementcare@assisihospice.org.sg
Children’s Cancer Foundation
For children and families affected by cancer

www.ccf.org.sg | Tel: 6229 3701
Counselling and Care Centre
For those who need bereavement counselling
www.counsel.org.sg | Tel: 6536 6366
Hua Mei Counselling and Coaching
For grieving elderly above 50 years old
www.tsaofoundation.org | Tel: 6593 9549 | Counselling Tel: 9048 4987
O’Joy Limited
For those above 18 in need of grief counselling
www.ojoy.org | Tel: 6749 0190
SAGE Counselling Centre
For bereaved seniors above 50 and their families/caregivers
www.sagecc.org.sg | Tel: 6354 1191 | Helpline: 1800 555-5555
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)
Individuals affected by a crisis, thinking about suicide and/or affected by suicide.

24-hour Hotline: 1-767
24-hour CareText: 9151 1767 (WhatsApp)
Viriya Community Services
For individuals and families impacted by loss

www.viriya.org.sg | Email: vtc@viriya.org.sg | Tel: 6256 1311
Wicare Support Group
For widows and their children
www.wicare.org.sg | Tel: 6354 1941 / 9616 5091

You can also approach a social worker in a health or social service institution known to you for bereavement support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating is restricted to individuals above 18 years old due to safety reasons.

We strongly advise individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to seek advice from your doctor to determine their suitability for participation. Additionally, participants are required to sign a waiver disclosing any medical conditions, and there will be a safety briefing before the leap to further mitigate the risks.
Regrettably, given the charitable nature of this fundraising event, there will not be any refunds. Your generosity plays a crucial role in contributing to our cause.
SkyPark Sentosa can continue to operate in the rain unless there are high winds and/or lightning. This is being monitored by a specialised device in compliance with Sentosa Island safety precautions.

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