A Skit on Caregiver Resources Agency for Integrated Care 看护者资源小短剧

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A Skit on Caregiver Resources Agency for Integrated Care 看护者资源小短剧

Sat, 11 May 2019 @ 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Westgate L1 Courtyard 裕廊东西城购物商场

by Agency for Integrated Care 护联中心

Language: English / 中文


A Skit on Caregiver Resources

In this Getai-esque performances, Princess Toothpique (牙签公主), the frontier performer of Hungry Ghost Festival, meets with the greatest challenge of her career – Time. Since early on in the year, her mother has a stroke. Taking care of her mother has taken a toll on her and with the upcoming heavy show schedules, she has no choice but to seek advice from a show veteran – 世外高人, Legendary San Gu, on how to handle and overcome these challenges. Packed with a mix of familiar tunes and an original jingle, this interactive skit is going to keep everyone at the edge of their seats and tapping their feet!


我们歌台举足轻重的牙签公主在事业的巅峰时刻遇到了她人生中最大的挑战 – 没有时间!公主的母亲在年头不幸中风,而她为了要兼顾事业和照料母亲的一切,忙得喘不过气,不可开交…… 幸好在一场演出时遇上了歌台老将,三姑!无奈之下只好求高人指点。这出由AIC所带来的闹剧小品,运用了耳熟能详的经典歌曲,还有生动活泼的呈现方式,让观众边笑边感动,边学边回味!千万别错过!

无论照顾家中病患的时间有多长,照顾者 所经历的心路历程难免会有难熬且纠结的 时刻,尤其当一切看似毫无尽头时。 在这一段路程里,照顾者怀着怎样的心情 ,又该如何看待甚至拥抱这样的情绪? 照 顾者能如何照顾好自己的压力,预防心力 透支? 让我们一起来探索,当个能拥抱自己的照顾者。


Sat, 11 May 2019
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
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Agency for Integrated Care
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| 3 Gateway Dr, Singapore 608532+ Google Map

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