Lasting Power of Attorney

The LPA is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more persons to make key decisions and act on your behalf for your:

  • Personal welfare – Who you live with and where you live (e.g. applying to a nursing home), your day to day care decisions (e.g. what you eat, what you wear), the activities you take part in

Note: Your donee does not have the ability to make decisions regarding the use of life support if you are seriously ill. This rests with the professional team who will decide based on what is in your best interest, taking into consideration your previously expressed values and preferences.


  • Property and affairs – Your assets, tax matters, liabilities

if you lose your ability to make such decisions in the future.

The LPA allows you to protect your interests by personally choosing someone you trust (donee) to make decisions that are in your best interests and act on your behalf should you lose the mental capacity to make your own decisions one day.

Anyone above 21 years old and has decision-making capacity would be able to make an LPA.

You may visit Office of the Public Guardian website to obtain the:

  • LPA application form
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Donee’s guide
  • List of LPA certificate issuers, who are accredited medical practitioners, lawyers or psychiatrists, required for making the LPA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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